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Our WildTam Family lives here!


What is the WildTam difference? Why did we choose them?


We choose our breeds based on their ability to thrive in a natural lifestyle, with little input from us and no commercial feeds. So we sought out pork breeds that would do that for us. 


What would be a better place to start than a wild pig?! They can live on their own and thrive .. perfect! That's exactly what we are looking for. Wild Boar are a smaller, slower growing animal and they are super efficient at the pasture lifestyle. Their dark red meat brings a deeper level of pork flavor because they grow slower and have more time to store up all the goodness from the pasture. 









Meet Mamma! Short bodied, long nosed and super fuzzy, she is our Wild Boar Sow! She is a rooting expert, prefers foraging and pasture grass to grain and is well suited for our cold hard winters.













Next up we needed to pair this amazing breed with one that would bump up the productivity .. since we really do need to fill the freezer! The hunt was for a heritage breed that would compliment the natural features of the Wild Boar. One that could live well on pasture and bring some size and manageability to our pen.




Enter Boaris! A well known heritage breed, Tamworth are outstanding at the pasture lifestyle and bring a calm demeanor. They are bigger all around, but are well known for their long bodies .. and are hence known as the bacon pig. 




The natural qualities of these two breeds compliment each other well. We have created a bigger, longer, more manageable animal that still carries a really nice representation of Wild Boar in the meat. Still a slow growing animal we have not sacrificed on the flavor or colour but have capitalized on the best qualities each has to offer!





Our girl Sowzie is our WildTam Sow. The mix of Wild Boar and Tamworth can be seen clearly in her. She is bigger and longer than Mamma, but maintains the long nose. She has a lovely personality and is a great mom!





We have a few different options for you to get your hands on some WildTam pork. You can visit the Meat Shop to find out what they are!


From time to time we have piglets available for you to grow your own way.  Weaned piglets are 8 weeks old, $130 each, they come with pig trace tags and boys will be castrated.