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Located 30 minutes west of Prince George BC, we are a family run farm passionate about raising and promoting all natural foods you can feel good about feeding to your family. We specialize in antibiotic free, no hormone added production of grass fed beef, pasture raised pork and free range poultry. Our animals live their life as nature intended. Our cattle enjoy a simple diet of grass year round as they were designed for. The pigs thrive in pasture rooting for what they want and supplemented with all natural, pesticide free local grains. Chickens and turkeys are free ranging, eating what everyone else has left behind as well as local wheat and grain chop. Happy, healthy animals provide healthy nourishment for our family and yours!


Our Brand


Chillo Creek is the name of the creek that runs through our property. Short of reinventing the wheel we grabbed that and made it our own! C reverse C is our cattle brand in the left shoulder position.



Our Butchers


We want to give credit where credit is due! We spend a lot of time growing these animals to get you a premium product you can feel good about feeding to your family! The final product however is brought to your freezer by the skilled hands of our amazing butchers. The Country Meat Locker brings us our beef and pork and we will be bringing Newsat Farms onboard when our chicken gets up and running. They are both Class A certified, government inspected facilities in Vanderhoof. They do amazing work and we have always been happy with how our meat comes back to us and we know you will be too!