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By far the most popular bulk beef option to leave my freezer!

Half of a mixed quarter, the 1/8 beef package contains all your favourites at a great bulk price!

No less than 50 pounds .. could be more .. $500. Comes as all cuts and wrapped as 1 steak/pkg, 1 lb ground/pkg, 1 lb stew/pkg and 3-4 lb roast. 

It comes all cute in it's crate, ready to fill your freezer this fall!





 Not to be out done by the beef, the porks made it home first! We have 10 boxes of beautiful 4H pork, they are ~22 pounds and include all your favourites.


Also not for profit .. these guys were raised by 3 of our neighbouring kiddos!


There are 2 boxes left and that's it .. Get yours before they're gone!





Fall time brings all good things in a meatshop!

We have very limited quantities of grass finished lamb. They are a hair sheep variety with a nice mild lamb flavour.

These guys are available now! Hanging weights between 50 and 55 pounds. Available by the half or the whole, cut and wrapped of course!

Pending space in the freezers, we may have a few extra but to guarantee your supply of fresh, local lamb take it while you still can!






WildTam pork is simply the best pork! We've got one of these this fall and that's it.


226 pounds on the hook. Take half or take the whole thing. Get to it first and you get to decide.


Comes cut and wrapped with bacon and hams.